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Reasons to Seek Instruction

Golf is a game that follows us our entire lives. From the beginner (at whatever age that may occur) to the seasoned golfer (at whatever age that may be achieved)ógolf is timeless in allowing each of us to play into our twilight years.

Investment in learning the solid fundamentals of the game is money well spent. The learning experience with Tom Gees is exceptional:

Personalized Instruction - Swings are tailored to the individualís athleticism, size, shape, and desire for accomplishment.

Experience - Tom has been a PGA Professional and Instructor for over 35 years.

Results! Results! Results! - Tomís player improvements have resulted in golfers shooting lower scores, hitting longer and more accurate shots, having more fun and many winning competitions.

State-of-the-Art Teaching Tools - Tom uses the computerized video system from V1 Digital Coaching System and the Flight Scope Launch Monitor which shows 24 unique measurements of club, ball, and swing data. Each student leaves every indoor lesson with a DVD of their lesson.


Stress-Free Learning Environment - Tomís method of instruction allows the student to explore all possibilities of failure and success, while discovering and developing their personal path to better golf. A safe learning environment allows subtle techniques to be used for enhancing player performance, maintaining a comfortable, stress-free environment.

Instill Images for Future Accomplishments - Tom has a unique ability to provide a player with short and long-term positive images for their success. This imagery leads to achieving maximum performance.

Video Resumes for College Bound Students - Tom helps prospective college golfers design a DVD of their golf swing. This is used to showcase the studentís ability for college coaches.