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Tom's Teaching Philosophy

When I first began as a PGA Teaching Professional (over 40 years ago), I was influenced by several famous instructors, many of whom I was privileged to observe in numerous teaching situations. These special golf teachers included John Jacobs, Manuel de la Torre, Michael Hebron, Harvey Penick, Phil Rodgers, Gary Wiren, John Elliott, David Leadbetter, Bob Toski, Jim Flick, Carol Mann and Jim Hardy.

My teaching philosophy has been honed over many years of observing and working with these and other teaching professionals. I credit Jim Hardy (2008 PGA Teacher of the Year) with significant contributions to my knowledge of the golf swing.

Each instructor interprets a player's golf swing differently. Most everything you have heard about the golf swing is correct; however, most of the knowledge does not apply to you. I believe that golf is a lifetime achievement award of self-discovery. My task is to both moderate the feel of the swing and to identify which swing is the best fit.

A positive learning environment is provided as I employ visual and mechanical reinforcement techniques, which help all levels of golfers to improve. Our V1 Digital Coaching System provides each student with clear, graphic illustrations as to what I see and what they feel. The Flight Scope Launch Monitor shows the student what is happening in real time with the ball, club and swing data.

To summarize what you can expect in working with me I will change your perception of golf, which will dramatically change how you play the game. There isnt just a single best way to play golf, but there is a better way.

As one student puts it: Im still amazed that I can consistently hit a golf ball well without tremendous effort. This, I think I can live with!