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Earl Gees…the best putter I’ve ever seen!

Like many guys growing up, I was blessed to have a Dad who was a great example for me. He helped turn his hobby into my lifetime career. Dad got me started in golf at age five.

He was an accomplished player, as low as a 2 handicap at one time, yet in 60 years of playing golf, he never had a hole in one. But he was, without a doubt, the greatest putter I’ve ever seen! We enjoyed many rounds of golf together. He shot his age a number of times. When he was 69 years old, I shot a 74, he posted a 73 and beat me---best day either of us ever had.

I guess I come by this golf business honestly. My mother, Lucille, won many tournaments and was an active player well into her 80’s.

A fun-loving guy, an intense competitor, my Dad loved coming out to Palm Springs with my Mother to visit my wife and I and their grandchildren. They both loved playing golf out in the desert sun. Many were the times when Dad would come to work with me in the morning, stay all day practicing and playing his favorite game, then stop by the pro shop and tell me stories of the previous ten hours before we’d call it a day. Often they’d included how yet another of our resort guests had cornered him for one of his now-famous putting lessons.

My Dad Earl guided me through most of my years…he instructed me, he counseled me, he mentored me, he lectured me, he loved me…he was a great Dad.

I strongly recommend that you take your son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandchild out to practice or play a full round of golf. They’ll remember it for a lifetime, and who knows…you might even influence them into turning your hobby into their life’s vocation. It’s not a bad place to be!

Tom Gees
PGA Teaching Professional